Our Services

TrueMark Locating Inc. promises quick response On-Call Service

A "locate" refers to the detection, marking and reporting of buried utility services on a job-site or work location. Utility lines are detected using the transmission of radio-frequency signals applied to the line and perceived by a portable receiver scanning over the ground above the lines location. The detected signal is then marked on the surface of the ground using temporary
marking in order to indicate the horizontal position of the line. Lastly, a report is drafted depicting the location of the line in relation to adjacent structures and features, to aid the worker to find the field markings and plan the work accordingly.

TrueMark Locating Inc. services include:

  • Underground line locating and paint marking
  • Detailed diagrams of underground utilities
  • On-call 24-hour service
  • On-line bookings
  • E-mailed/physical copies of locate diagrams
  • On-site consultations for best practices excavation

Excavators are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of digging without first knowing what facilities exist underground. TrueMark Locating Inc. will provide timely accurate line locates for commercial and residential customers. Our quick response On-Call service means that many potential customers that can't wait the standard two business days can turn to us.